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I & I give thanks & praise to H.I.M (His Imperial Majesty) forever blessed through his name Ras Tafari I & I journey has been a great one. Living Loving Learning and above all OVERstanding I blessings and having full faith in I-self and the light of I & I higher power which UPlifts I day in and day out. RASpect and #Blessup #Rastafari

My boy ready for the world. Kinda lol I think pops brought the 3-6 month drapes. #ImLearning. But he still swag drippin lol. Your day has come little homie. Many more to see. We will be doing a meet n greet BBQ soon after we settle in for all who want to show love and meet him. Thanks for all the prayers, love and blessings sent up for me @littleliz85 and are little life rookie. A “like” mean nothing without a “❤️”… get it?lol #WeThankYou #OneLove #Jeion

Just for my supporters and followers here’s a behind the scenes extra. My album cover started with me drawing this. Being inspired by my relationship and also my ride I wanted to create something that and king and a queen could ride out to and also something that bumped in the ride. #TDOJ COMING SOON. Thanks for all the love. Through it all. We RIDE! #TopDown means to ride out and ride through and any whether life brings you. Join the #TopDown movement.

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